Silent Gavel (A Crawford Mystery Book 1) by Merissa Racine

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Silent Gavel (A Crawford Mystery Book 1) by Merissa Racine
Genre – Mystery, Suspense
Lauren Besoner figured it was time to stop running from her past. So leaving a broken marriage and a string of bad dates to return to Wyoming and take a steady court stenographer’s job seemed like a good place to start. But her stability shatters when she swings by to pick up the judge one morning… only to find her murdered in her own home. Shaken after calling in the cops and answering routine questions, Lauren is stunned to learn she’s the number-one suspect. And with a suspicious connection between the dead judge and Lauren’s cheating ex-husband, she has no choice but to jump on the case and pronounce herself innocent. Can Lauren track down the killer before she types her last words?


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Merissa Racine is originally from Long Island, New York. Life took her to Miami, Florida, and then to Cheyenne, Wyoming, which she now calls home. Merissa is a court stenographer by trade. Working in the court system has enabled her to give the Crawford Mystery Series its unique authenticity. When she’s not reporting a case Merissa can be found outdoors taking photos of the scenery around her – unless it’s snowing. Then she’s either enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a good book or in the kitchen cooking. Being a dog lover, you will always find a four-legged friend in her stories. Her second in the Crawford Mystery Series, Shadows of Doubt, will be out in the fall of 2021.

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