Why We Don’t Die in Dreams: Book 1 by Debbie Zello

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Why We Don’t Die in Dreams: Book 1 by Debbie Zello
Genre – Paranormal Romance, Psychological Thriller, Erotic Romance
Page Count – 460 pages
Gavin McLean is an astute, accomplished and dedicated homicide detective. His days are filled with solving brutal murder cases, delving into the psyches of the worst humanity has to offer. His work comes first, to the detriment of his personal life.
His sleeping hours are plagued by a reoccurring dream of a beautiful naked woman with long brown hair. He’s mesmerized by her shapely backside, which is all he can see in the vision. The dream is erratic, with no patterns to help discern frequency or cause … with one complicated exception. She is always suspended by her hands, from a meat hook, on the ceiling, and pleads for her life.
With his personal life in turmoil and dreams shortening his sleep, he struggles to keep his world in operating order. He distracts himself by having an encounter with a frequent lover. Then fate steps in when a woman is found naked and dead, in a dumpster.
Is Gavin’s dream becoming his reality? Sometimes nothing is as it seems.


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Debbie has always been an avid reader, but writing never occurred to her. That was until an illness gave her the time and inspiration needed to begin her journey in words. After writing down a few chapters of a story that had whispered into her head, she gave it to a few friends to read. The rest became her first book, The Kiss Me Chronicles. 

Debbie freely credits her stories to her muses, the characters themselves. They occupy her thoughts and dreams, presenting her with their narratives on their lives and loves. On occasion, she has tried to put her own take on their story, only to be quickly corrected by the true authors.

Debbie has traveled extensively and has a deep love of American history. Her novels are often based on historical events as well as places she has visited. She is also an amateur genealogist, having traced her own family roots.

Debbie currently has sixteen published books with many more in various stages of production. She has finished her tetralogy of ‘what or where is your safe place.’ She has also branched out of the romance/historical romance genre to include a teenage appropriate story based on Dorothy’s (The Wizard of Oz) great-granddaughter, Dee, and her shoes titled, The Wonderfully Ugly Traveling Shoes. Hopefully, Dee won’t leave Debbie in some far off time or place.




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