Ashes of Aldyr (The Obscured Throne Trilogy Book 1) by Russell Archey – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Ashes of AldyrAshes of Aldyr by Russell Archey
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This book literally had me hooked right from the start! I can not begin to say how good and amazing this book was as well as the this amazing author’s writing. I felt I was right there with the story as well as enduring the dark danger that lurked near by! his was a must read for sure, highly recommended!

In truth, these branches were sacred. They each had a piece of life, and had t be protected and upheld, power comes with a price, and if the wrong hands were to obtain it, who knows what would happen right? The story as well as the branches the story and plot weaved, were so convincing and griping, I was sucked in learning and questioning all things. I loved the take on the fantasy mixed with some horror. This book had quickly become of my favorites. I loved this amazing novel, there was a lot of wonderment and suspense for me upon reading, and I could not put this down, I had more answers to seek!

This is a novel that is the start of a new series, and I will defiantly with an anxious heart be waiting for the next installment. This is a book that you really need to read, and to truly understand my love for this book to feel the feelings I had upon reading, the characters and their stories, it can truly be felt from the reader. The author knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote this! Yes, I was highly impressed the story keeps you interested and brings more things to light when you think you have figured something out, its gripping and full of amazement even at the dark moments!

The book is a perfect blend of fantasy for my linking, and the hint of darkness and horror was very much welcomes. I was on the edge of my seat for the duration I was hooked right in from the beginning and I could not let go, perhaps I was held together by branches of something pulling me back? All I know is that this book surpassed my expectations and truly was awesome! High recommendation for this book!

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