Born to Fall (Can’t Resist You – Book 2) by Brittany Anne – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Born to Fall (Can't Resist You, #2)Born to Fall by Brittany Anne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Born to Fall’ is set in the same dystopian world, where America has fallen, the world has gone dark, and all technology is a distant memory, as book one in the series ‘Born to Fight’. I recommend reading them in order as the characters do crossover, and readers will be more familiar with the background to the controlling UNR and the Resistance. It was nice to ‘catch up’ with Hunter and Rain from book one, but this story concentrated on Derek who is part of the Resistance, and who is trying to free people from being slaves and Julia who he helped rescue. Derek had always put his duties to the Resistance first until he finds himself drawn towards Julia, but he worries that if he allows himself to fall in love he can’t still help save the movement. Julia has been through hell and survived but she now finds herself attracted to Derek, the man who literally carried her out of her prison. However, she sees love as being dangerous and is at war with herself about her feelings and her fear of her past being repeated.

The couple have to decide whether to take a chance at love, but will their decision lead to the fall of the Resistance. The dark dystopian world was yet again vividly brought to life by the authors wonderfully descriptive world building which insured I felt totally immersed in the story. The exciting, dangerous, action packed storyline kept me hooked from page one and the characters and the romance kept me happily turning the pages. I found the connections between the characters to be very natural and realistic, and Derek and Julia’s chemistry really came across in the narrative, as did their angst. An engaging read and one which I definitely recommend, and I hope this series continues.

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