Conveniently Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 1) by Anise Storm- Review by Jules Herbert

Conveniently Yours (Titans Of Manhattan #1)Conveniently Yours by Anise Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow what a fun steamy read! I can’t wait for the next Titans book as I am 100% sure it will be just as amazing as this one. The characters are truly wonderful and you are with them every step of the way. You just want things to work out for them.
Caspian and Paisley each find themselves in a tough spot, for very different reasons, but they can help each other and solve both problems if they marry and stay married for a year. A marriage of convenience should be easy to do right? After all its just 12 months, they can throw in some hot sex along the way and at the end they will both have what they wanted. We all know the best laid plans don’t always work out the way we want them too. Both Caspian and Paisley never expected this to start to feel real but can they really trust those feelings?

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