A Moore Affair: 4 (Moore Family Saga) by Michele Sims – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

A Moore Affair (Moore Family Saga #4)A Moore Affair by Michele Sims
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Miles and Bella return in this next instalment of the Moore Saga and it is their wedding day, as they both prepare for their nuptials, Bella insists that she and Miles stay in separate rooms so that their wedding night is more special and as she gets ready in the morning, she is excited to know that members from both Miles’s family, as well as family from both her mother and her father’s side of the family will be in attendance. Thanks to some genealogical research, Miles and Bella used the information to decide on a wedding in her ancestral home of Scotland on a beautiful sunny day filled with heritage, happiness and cheer as they join together before their witnesses in the contract of marriage. Unfortunately, it turns into more of a media centred celebration than expected and the only get a small amount of time alone together during the day and that is only when Bella snatches him away for a bit of time in private, but what she doesn’t expect is that an uninvited guest would turn up and try and spoil the day, however, they are put in their place and the celebrations go on both in public and private.

Shortly after midnight, Miles wakes Bella up and announces that he is whisking her off to Paris in a change of plans which annoys Bella a little to start, however, when she experiences the destination first hand, she is amazed by its beauty and is thankful for the gift. As the honeymoon passes with tours of France and Italy where they get to experience their culture and monuments with as little bother from the paparazzi as possible, however, they both know that it has to end and that eventually they will have to return to work, however, they enjoy the time passing together and allow themselves to be authentic with each other and share their innermost thoughts and feelings with each other without the rest of the world looking in.

When they return, Bella is thrown straight into the life of a celebrity and its many engagements and appearances that the lifestyles entails including tours and achievements which Miles has always dreamed of receiving, but the endless parties and function exhaust Bella and that is exacerbated when she finds out that she is pregnant. Their happiness is short lived when after a career triumph leads to a night of celebration which Bella could do without, especially when their home is taken over by an event, she reaches her breaking point when she is confronted by both exes and fans with less than innocent things on their minds, this leads to her needing to escape and returning to her childhood home so that she has time to breathe. When she arrives there, she is caught up in an accident where a fire destroys her home and if her security team hadn’t notified Miles that she had returned there, things could have taken a devastating turn, but as Bella recovers, secrets and truths are revealed, but will they be able to overcome this new hurdle in their lives, or will it tear them apart? This is another suspense filled romance with a few fantastical elements thrown in a it catches you in a whirlwind of experiences and emotions as the fast paced story flows along.

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