Seed on Fire (Moore Family Saga Book 1) by Michele Sims – Review by Erica Shoebridge

Act I: Seed On Fire (Moore Family Saga, #1)Act I: Seed On Fire by Michele Sims
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seed on Fire is book encompassing a wide of range of emotional topics in life: love, hardship, sacrifice, loss, disillusionment, and forgiveness. Throughout the turmoil, Lecia and Cade’s love is tested and strained to the edges of its bounds, as it is pummeled by threat after threat. Cade loves his wife deeply, but struggles to come to terms with his changing role as a father, and what that means for his career, his marriage, and his sense of self. These two love each other fearlessly throughout the ups and downs of the early marriage, and hope that if they hang on tight enough that their relationship will survive forever.
I found this book tended to be rather melodramatic and hokey in parts, leaning heavily on the ‘soulmate’ trope in way I found hard to take seriously. Perhaps I am too jaded a reader, but I found it hard to believe in their relationship. A more romantically inclined reader may have a very different take!

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