The Bear at Midnight (Orkneyinga Murders Book 4) by Lexie Conyngham – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Bear at Midnight (Orkneyinga Murders #4)The Bear at Midnight by Lexie Conyngham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

It is an intriguing and original historical crime murder mystery. This fascinating tale is set in Scotland and is rich in history and culture in a time where Vikings reined. I love Scotland and with the authors engaging, detailed and descriptive writing it was easy to imagine and loose myself in the story. The tale is suspenseful and mysterious, and with the same whodunnit feel as the first book. I love the way that the author keeps you on your toes by switching things up, so you were thrown off track and are unable to tell who is responsible until the big reveal.

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