Shake Loose the Border (Thunder on the Moor Book 3) by Andrea Matthews – Review by Bobbi Wagner

Shake Loose the Border (Thunder On The Moor Book 3)Shake Loose the Border by Andrea Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not my first book by this author but it is one of my favorites. This is the third book in this series which I highly suggest reading the previous two books to help your enhancement of this series and this author. I enjoy how her writing style brings her stories to life and make them feel realistic. Her characters are not only connectable but keep you wanting to know more. I enjoyed being pulled into the story by them. This is a suspenseful mystery about Maggie and Will. But what will happen when Will needs saving? Dylan is faced with going back to the past one last time to try to save him in time. What happens next I highly recommend reading this book to find out. It is a great adventure that was hard to put down. It is worth the pick up for sure. I highly recommend this book.

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