Journeys Through Collection: Volumes 1-3 by James Talisman – Review by Erica Fish

Journeys Through Collection: Volume 1-3Journeys Through Collection: Volume 1-3 by James Talisman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Journeys Through SpaceTime by James Talisman is the first book in the Journeys Through series. This is my first book by Talisman and I can already see that I will be looking to read more books by him in the future. The characters and scenery are beautifully descriptive and easily seen in your mind’s eye. This is definitely a work of passion for Talisman. The story plotline is that of a sci-fi story. It has all the good characteristics with time travel and multiple worlds all rolled up inside. There are some teaching moments within the story to set the story up to the next level as well. There are some twists and turns which keep the story moving and interesting. There were moments when I needed to revisit something I just read because I moved too quickly to get to the next page. So my warning is to really focus on what is happening because it is that amazing of a story. I cannot wait to see what Talisman has in store for us next.

James Talisman hit another home run with this Journeys Through TimeSpace. I highly recommend reading book one so you have some back story and introduction to the characters. This is a Sci-Fi story but there is a lot more than that going on. There are many different layers to the story you are about to read. It is packed full of action and you find yourself turning the pages faster to see what is coming down the line at you. The characters are complex and engaging. I felt at home with them. I was on an adventure with them. I highly recommend this journey and hope you enjoy this story as much as I have.

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