Journeys Through Collection: Volumes 1-3 by James Talisman – Review by Kerry Carr

Journeys Through Collection: Volume 1-3Journeys Through Collection: Volume 1-3 by James Talisman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an amazing boxset filled with fantasy and adventure. The stories keep you gripped and author does an amazing job at character and world building. I got completely lost in this Sci fi adventure.

Journey through spacetime

This is an amazing adventure story. The multiverse has several worlds, all with their own stories and battles.

On every world there is a battle between good and evil, however what they dont realise is that they are all connected to each other, and they need to work together in order to win this battle.
Will good win over evil this time or is the evil force too strong to be beaten.

I really enjoyed this story once i got into it and kept track of the characters and how they are all linked. Its a really well written story and the characters are captivating.

Journey through Time Space

This is the 2nd book in the series and what an adventure. Like the first book it is a multi-level story so you need to keep on the ball as the different stories happen and twist together.

There are 2 different treasure hunts happening both with different outcomes.

The reptilian humanoids are searching for something to make their new weapon work. And the 3 college students, Matt, Dan and Julie are set out to learn ancient skills all centred about unity and the belief anything is possible if you are a united front.

Matt is the Ancient One and his role in all this is to safe earth. Will he and his friends learn the skills they need in time or will the other treasure hunters reach their goal first.

Its a great adventure full of twists and turns. Really well written and gripping from the first page.

Journey through allcreation

This is the 3rd book in the Journeys through series and they just keep getting better and better. I highly recommend reading all these books in order so that you understand the full story and also don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of characters. The author does an amazing job making each character unique and giving them all a purpose and identity which means the reader can easily tell them apart.
This is a great adventure from the beginning. It’s fast paced and a story or good vs evil in a fight to save planet earth and all the other planets in the Multi Verse.
There is a prophecy that needs to be understood to figure out how to save them all but with the forces of evil getting more powerful and 2 of the important people trapped this leaves the fate of everything in the hands of Matt and his other friends from across the Multiverse.
The connection between the characters is also really unique such as Matt and Rashella being twins in a different time and seeing how that connection plays out even though now they are from 2 separate worlds.

This is definately a book for someone who loves a story that will grab a hold of you and not let go. You find yourself getting lose in the journey through time and space and fighting to save your world from a threat you didn’t even know existed.

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