The Mesmerist by Claire Luana – Review by Amanda Swindle

The MesmeristThe Mesmerist by Claire Luana
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was unfamiliar with this author and decided to give it a chance based on the synopsis and very glad I did! The story is so captivating and engaging, the characters well written and the plot had me wanting to stay up into the late night hours reading! I appreciated how down to earth and relatable the characters are, and the growth they show throughout. Adrijana is the main focus, and the Royal Family is being targeted, one after the other. Now she has to figure out the who and the why. With the help of some magicians that can control thoughts and emotions, the story intensifies. This is one of those “I never expected to like this, but what the heck” books turned into “OMG, I LOVE THIS” and definitely not sorry to have grabbed The Mesmerist. I will be looking into more works by this author, definitely worth the chance!

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