The Traveler: Book 2 by Deborah Dugan – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

The Traveler: Book 2The Traveler: Book 2 by Deborah Dugan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed The Traveler so leapt at the chance to read Book 2. It didn’t disappoint! Book 2 brings us loads more of Harry’s backstory, which is fascinating, as well as developing the present-day story. I would only recommend this book to people who have read Book 1 – I think it would come across as a bit slow and confusing if you’re not coming at it from that angle. So if you’re reading this review and haven’t read Book 1 I would put that at the top of your tbr list!
At the end of Book 1, Harry went into stasis – an incredibly long and deep sleep that would allow him to replenish his energy and heal his body. While he is in stasis, he dreams of some of the many lives he has lived before and these make up the bulk of the story. These are fantastic, taking us to a variety of moments in history and seeing how different humans have responded to Harry in these times. These stories in themselves are very engaging, and at times emotionally moving.
Meanwhile, we get to keep up with what’s going on in the world Harry left behind as he sleeps. We see Tristan recovering from the emotional rollercoaster of the first book – I was very grateful to see him still in the story.
This book gets five stars from me! I can’t wait to read the next one! I would recommend the series to readers of sci-fi and fantasy who are looking for something entertaining, thought-provoking and original.

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