I’m Not Your Difference (Fitz Series Book 4) by Theresa Sederholt – Review by Michelle Troyer

I'm Not Your Difference (Fitz, #4)I’m Not Your Difference by Theresa Sederholt
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I’m Not Your Difference a Fitz Series Book 4 by Theresa Sederholt
The book is packed with love, acceptance and very family oriented. I could not put the book down and wanted more. What Stephen ad Andy have to go though is extraordinary and they do an amazing job.
This is a story of Stephen and Andy’s love for each other, Stone’s hatred and the DeMazzi’s prejudice ways that bring the story together.
This is the fourth book in the Fitz Series that can stand alone. After reading this book, I am very interested in the other stories. All the characters are so well done that I let like I knew them.
The book begins with how MJ, Fitz and Andy grew up together and the relationships they now have, and how they are all so close knit and look out for each other. It’s about how Andy deals with his illness and raises his adopted daughter, Stella. Stephen has a problem with both and leaves, finding Stone. Stone realizes Stephen still loved Andy and wants revenge, which becomes life threatening for both Stephen and Andy. In the end, the revenge makes Andy take a closer look at what life is bringing him.

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