I’m Not Your Difference (Fitz Series Book 4) by Theresa Sederholt – Review by Sarah King

I'm Not Your Difference (Fitz, #4)I’m Not Your Difference by Theresa Sederholt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After his husband left him, with just a note, Andy has worked hard to pick up the pieces of himself. Just as he is finally ready to dip his toes back in the dating pool, his ex, Stephan, comes back around wanting a second chance. Andy talks these things through with best friend and brother-in-law Fitz. In this process, Andy finds out that there is a suspected serial killer killing guy men in manners that suggest suicide.

Will Andy hear Stephan out? Will he allow him a second chance? Will Andy find someone new? Will Andy end up in the cross hairs of a killer?

I’m Not Your Difference is the fourth book in the Fitz Series by Theresa Sederholt. While this story can be read as a standalone I will note that I believe reading them in order would probably give better background, history and depth of the characters and how they came to be in each other’s lives. Many of the support characters seem to have been in the series from the beginning which is what led me to the read in order suggestion. I personally have not read the first three books. I did fall in love with many of the characters present in Andy’s story and cant wait to go back to read the other’s stories. I would absolutely recommend this book.
****NOTE I will note that there are some graphic non consensual scenes and violence in the story that may be a trigger for some.****

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