A Quirk of Destiny: Apocalyptic Visionary Sci-Fi Thriller by Catherine Greenall -Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

A Quirk of Destiny: Ignoramus et IgnorabimusA Quirk of Destiny: Ignoramus et Ignorabimus by Catherine Greenall
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Calum is scientist who works approving food and drinks for distribution in the UK, he has thrown himself into his work ever since his fiancée died a year ago, despite the best efforts of his best friends. One day, while he is looking into a specific food, he sees that it has been approved despite not going through the relevant and robust testing needed. Calum talks to his friends about it and they all decide to do some further research, so he goes to some archives and meets a fellow lover of the environment called Jessie and arranges to meet up the week after. When he goes into a meeting with all of his research, coupled with the research his friends have done, but when he brings it up to his superiors, he is shocked my their attitude and the repercussions of this.

By the time a couple of days had passed news of some mysterious disappearances have come to light, including his next door neighbour, but the most shocking things are the reports of a mystery illness spreading throughout the country, but when he finds out that his friends are seeing the same thing and it is putting them on edge, he advises them to come to him, so they can stick together. As danger follows them to Calum’s home, he decides to contact Jessie and along the way picks up another person who has been unaffected by the disease.

As the group try to do to somewhere a bit better to defend, they talk about what could be causing the disease and who might be behind it, while also trying to figure out how to avoid the people who have contracted it. Meanwhile, they find that they are being followed by the diseased, the only thing is, the more they encounter, the more that something doesn’t quite add up, it seems that some of the diseased have mutated and now have abilities while cross over into the paranormal, but they aren’t alone, there are other forces hunting the group down and these don’t play well with others.

Will Calum be able to keep his friends safe and out of danger while being chased by the mutants and other interested parties? This is an apocalyptic sci-fi which deals with current issues in an imaginative and exploratory way, while being a race against time with plenty of action and adventure throughout.

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