Peg’s Stand (Satan’s Devils MC #6) Audio Book by Manda Mellett – Review by Amanda Glaspie

Peg finds that he is longing for love. Darcy wants to prove that she is just as strong as one of the guys. Can the two find love? Darcy’s roommate turns into her wrist nightmare; Peg becomes her knight in shining armor. I really enjoyed watching the continued growth of the Satan’s Devils and this was no different. Peg really showed his caring side and showed that real men do have feelings and aren’t afraid to show it. Darcy is a strong woman who knows what she wants and provides a nice contrast to the subservient women previously introduced in the books. The story was filled with quite a bit of action but there was a lot of little intense moments versus one big problem taking place. Overall, a really great book where I found myself laughing, crying, getting angry, and then oh so happy.

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