Stitch by Stitch by Marie-Therese Hernon – Review by Amanda Haller-Doris

Stitch by StitchStitch by Stitch by Marie-Thérèse Hernon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great debut cozy mystery. We get to meet Elizabeth Candew, a recently divorced mom of two who is struggling to figure out who she is after the divorce and make ends meet without having a job. She is invited to a Lady Lily Wear party by her neighbor where she makes the decision to buy into the “business” and become her own boss. Unfortunately her mentor is murdered before she can teach her how to sell $3,000 worth of clothing. Elizabeth finds herself trying to juggle solving the murder, raising her 2 children, dealing with the fallout from her affair and the resulting baby, her son’s struggles at school, her ex-husband’s lack of support, rudeness from her ex sister-in-law, and the detective who is working the case, who turns out to be the guy she loved and lost in high school. I appreciated that the author gave us a very realistic character that was flawed and had to work hard for any improvements in her life and herself. The story definitely had its ups and downs, but if you are looking for a fun mystery with a down to earth heroine, this is a great story!

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