The Lonely Hearts of San Sity by Stacy-Deanne – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Lonely Hearts of San SityThe Lonely Hearts of San Sity by Stacy-Deanne
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I REALLY wanted to like this but sadly I could not. The idea of the story was a good one but nothing was ever done with it. No movement on the reality tv show at all. Then the way the story read was almost like a teenager wrote it. There is a lot of childish antics between the two main characters as well as a lot of name calling. I honestly felt like I was read an episode of the Kardashians. The male lead is mid thirties and I just can not see someone of that age who runs a ranch and has a lot of responsibility acting like this character did.

I am sorry to the author. I have read other stories by her and they were likable. I wish this would have expanded on the main storyline and not been so focused on the two main characters.

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