True Colors (The Colors Trilogy Book 3) by K.R. Raye – Review by Kerry Carr

True ColorsTrue Colors by K.R. Raye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in the Colors Trilolgy.
This story bring to a close all the events that our 3 friends have gone through in their life’s and answers the question of whether friendship can survive any stormy waters? In this story the friends return to help and support one another yet again. But things have changed and questions are asked about whether they can be as supportive to each other as they once were.

Melody is finally happy in the relationship she has now but that relationship isn’t without its demons. With everything that’s happened in Melody’s past and dealing with the pain her partner is going through she has a lot to deal with, but when tragedy strikes one of her friends she rushes to their side but is she strong enough to shoulder all the additional pain?

Imani’s life is also on track now..she has married the love of her life and couldn’t be happier. But after a night entertaining friends her world is turned upside down after she receives a troubling phone call. Now desperately in need of some comfort and support she turns back to her two oldest friends in the world.

Finally we have Lance. He has always been the strong one. The protector of his girls. And after a brief fling with Imani that hasn’t changed. When his girls need him he will be there. However what he realises through this really trying time is that his feelings of Imani never left and that he wants her back. Talk about bad timing. How can he express his true feelings for Imani now with everything she is coping with? And if he doesn’t can’t he still be a good friend? The friend she needs to support and protect her now?

This story is one of love, friendship and discovery. Its about learning how to navigate situations with the help of your friends but we also learn how people change over the course of time and how sometimes the people we expect them to be isn’t the person that they have become.
All of the 3 stories have been emotional story’s and I’ve really enjoyed each and everyone of them

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