Ghost Talker (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries Book 1) by Byrd Nash – Review by Moriah Venable

Ghost Talker (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries #1)Ghost Talker by Byrd Nash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elinor Chalamet is a highly trained medium that assists the police in the city of Alenbonne.

When she is called to identify a body that was found in the canal, she finds herself in the middle of Royal affairs.

I really loved this book. Just the mix of sassy protagonists who have their own agenda that they are working towards and fantasy made this hard to put down. I laughed quite often while reading. Elinor’s witty replies and narration reminded me of Anita Blake.

I read online that this is a six part series and I can’t wait to see the romantic relationship with Tristan Fontaine progress throughout the series.

I love mysteries and I love ghosts so this is something I may read again because I loved it so much.

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