The Final Bite by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Ayla Phipps

The Final BiteThe Final Bite by Naomi Valkyrie
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This is the first book I have read by the talented Naomi Valkyrie. While I usually don’t read MM books the original story of the book made me give it a try. In the synopsis it is stated that one paranormal person is selected every ten years for a second chance at life. This cycle it is Quinnlan Trinity, a vampire that was murdered by his greedy sister a couple hundred years ago that is given his second chance.
Its officially Halloween when Quinnlan materializes naked in a rundown abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere. Three days in a small family town on the edge of a wolf pack, but a second chance is a second chance and Quinnlan is determined to give it his all to take advantage of the Gods kindness is choosing him. Watching the small town go about their Halloween activities Quinnlan is drawn to a mysterious figure that is walking alone in the dark away from the town. Following them for a short time he catches the scent of three wolves following as well, worried for the seemingly innocent person he continues to follow but from a distance to keep his scent from alerting the wolves. The end of the trail and Quinnlan might be a vampire, but he had never seen a ghost before one appeared before him yelling “HELP HIM” before vanishing again. The mysterious person is laying on the ground badly injured from the warning of the wolves when Quinnlan is faced with a choice. Allow this stranger to die, or give him his blood and save him but putting his fate in the strangers’ hands alone? Quinnlan might be a vampire, but he was always a lover and not a fighter, so he gives his one chance at a second life to save the man, later learning his name is Garrett. Many questions are running through Quinnlan’s mind, who is this man? What is his story? Why was he attacked by wolves? Will he accept my choice to save him, or will I return to purgatory?
For such a short read this book left me feeling satisfied, or better yet complete no cliffhangers or lingering what ifs. Not only was the story complete but the original plot has rules, including that the paranormal must tell their chosen mate the truth about the 3 days, everything so that in the end everyone gets to make their own informed decision on what will be the rest of their lives. One of my favorite things was the writer breaking the fourth wall, saying things we were thinking and telling the reader to use their imaginations which added an extra level of humor in some very intense situations. I look forward to reading more work from the amazing mind of Naomi Valkyrie. World building, storyline, writing style is all awe inspiring and enjoyable to read.

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