Son of Asmodeus by Barb Jones – Review by Tausha Treadway

Son of AsmodeusSon of Asmodeus by Barb Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Son of Asmodeus by Barb Jones. This is the first book in Heaven and Hell series and I really enjoyed it. Its the story of Demons, hell and angels. The story revolves around John Sullivan or Sully who is a demon hunter. He grew up with adoptive parents and he loved them dearly but when he turned 13 they sent him to a monastery for protection. Once he leaves the monastery he goes in to a bar and he meets a girl named Mick the bartender and she asks him for help in finding her friend. While he’s still trying to figure out what his destiny in life is he agrees to help her. While trying to find her friend he finds out he’s a lot more than just a demon hunter. On this journey he finds out his biological father is a Demon King and his biological mom is a archangel. Sully has people trying to kill him and people from the monastery trying to kidnap him. Will he be able to find Mick’s friend and will he survive the journey? Read this fast paced paranormal story to find out!

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