The 45th Parallel (Antipodes Series Book 6) by T.S. Simons – Review by Jennifer Ramos

The 45th Parallel (Antipodes, #6)The 45th Parallel by T.S. Simons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so surprised and thrilled to hear that Simons has continued this series! This story focuses on Seraphine and Caitlin, two of the immune children against the infested waters. In the beginnings of their adulthood and feeling oppressed with how they have been living. As many of the adventures they have grown up hearing about, they are very eager to have one of their own and see what they find. They end up finding another underwater parallel that has been surviving on their own means as they also learn of other struggling communities. Through the emotional upheavals, they learn through this experience and bring them to the point of thinking whether they will be able to go back to their upbringing community or stay within this new one. To best understand the story, I highly recommend reading the previous books in the series and it will be so worth it!

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