The Muffin Shop Murder (Delilah Crumbworthy Mystery Series Book #1) by Holly Tierney – Review by Angela Hayes

The Muffin Shop Murder: A Delilah Crumbworthy MysteryThe Muffin Shop Murder: A Delilah Crumbworthy Mystery by Holly Tierney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


4 Stars


The Muffin Shop Murder is the first book in the new “Delilah Crumbworthy Mystery” series by Holly Tierney. It is an intriguing, well-woven cozy mystery, with drama, suspense, quirky characters, and more.
I have read most of Ms. Tierney’s books now, and she never disappoints. This mystery proved to be a well thought out and intriguing read. The author wove her plot really well, her attention to detail making this story quite engrossing.
If you love a great cozy mystery then you won’t want to miss this- especially if you are looking for an interesting, fun, charming, fairly light-hearted, and entertaining story that will keep you engaged right through to the end.
I loved Delilah and can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!
Happy Reading!

Thank-you Ms. Tierney!


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