Deadly Intentions by Anise Storm – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Deadly IntentionsDeadly Intentions by Anise Storm
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Viviana’s life changed in an instant when her and her best friend, Donnatella, took a girl’s trip to New York City. During the trip Donna was murdered by a member of a notorious mafia family. Viviana is overcome with grief and vows revenge on the man who murdered her best friend. She spends the next decade transforming herself from quiet and meek to a sleek killing machine. When the opportunity presented itself, Viviana set her plan into motion.

Fast forward ten years from her friend, Donna’s, death, and Viviana has infiltrated the notorious Vaccaro crime family as the head member’s mistress. Stefano Vaccaro is a force to be reckoned with and has a reputation for being cold and ruthless. Viviana feels that she has prepared herself to exact her revenge when the opportunity presents itself but Stefano’s son, Nazario knows otherwise. He fears for her safety and tries to warn Viviana not to follow through with her plan, but Viviana ignores his pleas. Viviana hates him for being part of the notorious mafia crime family and knows that he is as equally ruthless as his father but is unable to deny the intense chemistry she feels towards him. Nazario is equally drawn to Viviana and vows to make her his at all costs. Before long they can no longer deny the attraction and an intense, passion filled affair develops between them. Will Stefano learn of his son and mistress’ betrayal? Will Viviana get her long sought after revenge?

This book had everything one would expect from a dark mafia crime novel; deceit, revenge, lust, passion, and betrayal. Stefano was cold, calculating and showed no remorse in anything he did throughout his career as a crime boss. Viviana was once what someone might consider to be quiet and mousy but when tragedy struck it changed her. The only thing that she could think of was exacting revenge on those responsible for the murder of her best friend. The trauma she suffered turned her into someone else and she learned to shut off her feelings until Nazario resurfaced in her life. He was the son of the man responsible for her friend’s death and although she hates him she is consumed by desire for him. Nazario feels equally attracted to Viviana and knows what her true intentions are towards his father but it does not deter him from pursuing his feelings for Viviana. The attraction is undeniable and the two of them share some passionate and steamy moments.

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