Spirit Guide (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries Book #3) by Byrd Nash – Review by Angela Hayes

Spirit Guide (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries #3)Spirit Guide by Byrd Nash
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4.5 Stars


Spirit Guide is the third book in the Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries series by Byrd Nash. This brings us another intriguing instalment in this captivating Gaslamp fantasy series. It is a paranormal cozy mystery with crime & investigation, sleuthing, ghosts, history, a moody atmosphere, intrigue, adventure, some humour, witty dialogue, slow-burn romance, dramatic developments, and interesting characters.
I have loved this series from the beginning, so there was never any doubt that I would be reading this new instalment as soon as it released.
Elinor Chalamet uses her mediumship skills to help solve puzzling mysteries. This instalment builds on the previous two books, providing a bigger picture as the mystery unfolds- also learning a lot more about Elinore along the way.
Our female ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is on the case tackling a mystery with:
Missing girls.
A mysterious séance.
Ghosts that become ‘real’.
A bumbling apprentice.
And a connection to her past.
It all leads to an intriguing, cleverly woven, fun little historical whodunnit mystery.
As with the other two books, it is fresh, and fun- with a period setting, wonderful characters, and a moody feel- which gives the whole story added intrigue.
This is a six-part novella series (with 3 more book yet to come):
The series consists of:
-Ghost Talker (Book #1)
-Delicious Death (Book #2)
-Spirit Guide (Book #3)
-Gray Lady (Book #4) – still to be released
-Underground Haunt (Book #5) – still to be released
-Ghastly Mistake (Book #6) – still to be released
I am looking forward to seeing what Elinor gets up to in the next book/s.
Bring on Book #4!
Happy Reading…

Thank you, Byrd Nash!


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