Blinded by Betrayal with Spin Drift: Book One (Silent Secrets) by Lisette Kristensen – Review by Emily Walsh

Blinded by Betrayal with Spin DriftBlinded by Betrayal with Spin Drift
By: Lisette Kristensen
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blinded by Betrayal with Spin Drift (Silent Secrets #1) Lisette Kristensen was a quick, okay read that kept me reading.

This short read was fast, steamy, actiony, and a little jumpy. The plot for me was a little hard to follow, as I found it didn’t match the synopsis. What I thought I was going to read about, didn’t happen. At first yes, it followed what I was expecting, then things are really smutty, sexy, and I don’t really know why. What I really want to know is what happen with what I thought was the male MC, he just, vanished, and I just, again don’t know. This wasn’t a bad read by all means, it was just for me, not coherent, or smooth. I don’t really know if I like the MC, there wasn’t enough character development, nor was there proper plot development.

Overall if you’re looking for something quick, with a mix of smut, action and espionage, then give this book a chance. As I said, though I felt disjointed with this book, I did like it, and I did have fun reading it. It’s well written, and the dark tone is consistent and hooking. So please take my recommendation and stamp of approval, that you will have fun reading this mixed read.

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-Review by @eawalsh

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