Aiko (The Heartstrings Series Book 1) by Brooke May – Review by Candida Hopper

AikoAiko by Brooke May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aiko (Heartstrings Book 1)
by Brooke May

I found this book to be fun, romantic, and unique. I loved how a lot of the laws include Aiko. Although she goes about things in a very unconventional way, I still thought she was sassy and really wanted to do the right thing. She night bend the rules a little but it’s for all the right reasons. I felt like her sisters were really hard on her ( not that they didn’t have good reason) but it would be interesting to get to know them better. I like Alejandro’s character as well, even the times I rolled my eyes at him. Over all I really enjoyed this book and I recommend reading this story.

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