Running In Snow: A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent – Review by Angela Hayes

Running In Snow, A Holiday NovellaRunning In Snow, A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent
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Running in Snow: A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent is a super quick and easy read. The book is made up of two short stories set around Christmas and the New Year. I enjoyed both of these stories, and they were well written, but I wanted them to be longer, so I could fully immerse myself in them and find out more about the characters, backstories, and background information.

Noelle’s Promise
Noelle has some really bad memories which centre around Christmas- so she decided a very long time ago that she would never celebrate the holiday ever again. But with boyfriend Logan now a huge part of her life- she has agreed to spend Christmas with him, AND his family. She is anxious about it all, especially when the festivities cause her memories and issues to bubble to the surface. Things come to a head and escape seems to be her only option. But she soon realises that she will continue to be stuck in the past and unable to embrace the future until she faces/deals with her past.
A sweet story and emotive story!

Eve’s Hope
Eve has major issues with New Year’s Eve, as she considers it jinxed. The unluckiest night of the year for her. So, the best thing to do is batten down the hatches and stay home. But you know what they say about the best laid plans…
Circumstances soon have her accepting an invitation to her neighbor’s party- which she expects will be a flop. But is it? Will this be the New Year’s Eve that surprises her- the one that changes everything- the one that she will definitely remember?
Well worth the read to find out.

Looking forward more from Ms. Regent!

Thank you, Ms. Regent!


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