Murder Creek: An Eve Sawyer Mystery by Jane Suen – Reviewed by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Murder Creek (Eve Sawyer #1)Murder Creek by Jane Suen
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Eve Sawyer is a journalism student, but she also has these heightened senses which she cannot ignore nad they help in some situations, but they also won’t leave her alone and settle when they start up and when she is minding her own business and driving home when she drives over a bridge with a sign saying “Murder Creek” and she gets a prickling sensation in her spine and the almost overwhelming need to look down at the creek and know what happened there and this feeling of agitation and restlessness didn’t leave until she had gotten home and looked up the name and in doing so finds out about two significant events, a murder of a group of men on the banks in the 1800’s and a missing girl, Lucy Walken from twenty years ago. When Eve gets to college the next day, she immediately goes to see her professor to ask for him to give her an incomplete grade so that she can go and investigate what happened at Murder Creek over the summer break, he reluctantly agrees and so when shehas finished with everything else to complete her other classes, she heads to Murder Creek and finds a motel to stay in while also finding out that there will be a funeral that weekend and if she wants to stay in the motel longer, she will have to let the owner know in advance.

When she gets settled, she calls the contact her professor had said may help her with the investigation, so they agree to meet at the local diner and they talk about what she is in town for over dinner, he agrees to help her and to start, will take her to Murder Creek itself. That night Eve can’t sleep because of the horrific dreams she has of the two cases, but nevertheless, she is up and ready when her guide shows up, when they get there, the scene is peaceful, the complete opposite of the images which assault her senses, but when she goes to where Lacy’s bloody scarf was found, she only got the prickling sensation, but thankfully, no more images and when Eve returns to her room, she goes over her notes and makes a list of what she needs to find out. She looks at the phone book and finds the listings for Walken’s, she calls the two she finds and arranges to meet one the next morning, but the other just tells her she can’t be of any help. Later on, Eve is taken to see the sheriff as a courtesy to tell him what she is doing there and to ask him what he knows, but he is quite closed off and won’t help them, but Eve has another way to get the information she wants and asks to go to the newspapers main office and places an ad in for anyone to call her if they have any information.

As Eve digs deeper into the case and learns more about Lacey, she realises that this beautiful girl was more than meets the eye and whatever happened to her doesn’t quite match up and when she starts talking to people, something still doesn’t seem to add up, but it seems that the key detail is still missing and she worries that she may never know what it is when it turns out that the funeral is for one of the towns main benefactors.

Will Eve be able to uncover the truth about what happened to Lacey, or will the dead ends and lost leads conspire against her? This is a mystery to get your teeth into and will keep you guessing until the very end.

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