Unlikely In Love (A Parker Lake Novel Book 1) by Olivia Sherwood – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Unlikely in Love (A Parker Lake Novel Book 1)Unlikely in Love by Olivia Sherwood
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Unlikely In Love
A Parker Lake Novel Book 1
By Olivia Sherwood
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Full romance novel, filled with fun, laughter and a few tears to make it complete. Annabelle Cleaver is 27, loves her granny to the ends of the earth. When she was alone, it was granny to the rescue. Now she is listening to the lawyer tell her granny’s last will. Being the lady she is, she will follow the letter to the last hot pink detail. Just as her life is already a complete mess, in comes her high school crush. He has come looking for a job. Can she get her life back on track and help out the damaged veteran?
Wyatt Hallway has returned home from the service, a damaged soul. Life will never be the same, as he has seen and done some things that he feels are unforgivable. Yet on the other hand, he is making the best of what is left. He has a loving family, and a smart niece, that keeps him on his toes. After hearing a friend needs help on her farm, he offers to help. But life has unexpected roads to follow. Can he follow his dreams as well? Can he find love and heal from his nightmares? Only reading this book will tell.
Olivia Sherwood has written one of the best love stories. In my humble opinion. Her characters both have broken hearts. She has taken these two unlikely souls and brought them together. This page turner will keep your interest intrigued, and keep you turning those pages. This book has it all. It’s funny to the point of laughing out loud, and a struggle that will keep you on the edge. This is just a good Ole fashion love story. I love this author and her characters. Hope you do too!


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