Notebook Mysteries ~ Decisions and Possibilities by Kimberly Mullins – Review by Emily McCoy

Decisions and Possibilities (Notebook Mysteries #2)Decisions and Possibilities by Kimberly Mullins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Notebook Mysteries was added to my collection of Historical Mysteries! The detail in this book really added to the suspense of the cases, not to mention the way all the cases really feed into the plot of the book as well and don’t even get me started on the recipes! Oh, my goodness I am so excited about those. It really gave me a cool way to connect with the book in a way I had not imagined! Emma is easily one of my favorite characters, I love how she handles her cases, her personality, the way she is not afraid to challenge others when it comes to a “woman’s place”. This was the first one I have gotten the chance to read but I will be checking out her book before this one to see more on these characters I have already come to love. All in all I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes the Historical mysteries YA Genre!

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