Playing with Fire: A Genre-blurring, Romantic Suspense novel (Moore Family Saga Book 2) by Michelle Sims – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Act II. Playing with Fire (Moore Family Saga, #2)Act II. Playing with Fire by Michele Sims
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Cade and Lecia Moore return and they are on tour with Cade’s jazz band as they travel around the world with their son, as they have done for the last five years since they became more and more famous and because of this, their managers want them to extend their tour yet again. Meanwhile, Lecia is tired of all the travelling and their son is missing their relatives back in the USA, so she decides that their time on the road has come to an end and that she wants them to move back and have a stable home near family again.

Cade is disappointed and tries to convince Lecia to stay, but eventually he agrees that their son needs to be around kids his own age, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t miss them terribly when they have gone. As he tries to pass the time without them in an empty apartment and in an empty bed Cade struggles, but when his son falls gravely ill, he drops everything to stand vigil at his bedside with his wife until they know what’s going on.

After all the trials their marriage has faced so far, this next one just might make or break them, but can they work out their differences and band together again to make the decisions necessary to help their son? This is a fast paced romance with thrilling elements within that hook you in and keep you interested throughout as another battle takes precedence and the fight for a normal life continues.

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