Remember to Forget Me (Too Lost to Love Book 1) by Hazel Storm Review By M Policicchio

Remember to Forget Me (Too Lost To Love, #1)Remember to Forget Me by Hazel Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Endearing romance with a couple of twists that keep you pulled into the story. This moderately-paced story will keep the pages flipping. And, keep tugging at those heart strings.

Addison is a genius. She started high school early. While in high school Addison meets a tall, cute, shy boy named Wesley. Wesley is a musical prodigy. He thinks in melodies and harmonies. Addison and Wesley become fast friends. Addison and Wesley start making music together. She writes the lyrics for his harmonies. He finds the melodies in the lyrics she has written without having music. They have an endearing friendship until everything gets destroyed by a fight. Afterwards, Wesley can’t remember anything of their time together.

Ten years later, Wesley is a mega pop star and Addison is barely getting by. Addison doesn’t care because she wants the best for Wesley. For the most part, Addison is happy in her life. Until one day, Addison accidentally comes face to face with Wesley again. No matter how she tries to avoid rejoining his life, he keeps turning up. Wesley can’t fight the pull towards Addison. He doesn’t want to. As Wesley is starting to have flashbacks of the time he can’t remember, he is slowly realizing that Addison is more than she appears.

I couldn’t believe some of the twists. The outcomes were a little sugar coated but not bad. My favorite character is Ash! He is fabulous and I hope he gets to find his one during the series. Everyone needs an Ash looking after them. This is a series that I will keep on my radar. It is a good one!

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