Rock Bottom (Satan’s Devils MC Book #7) Audiobook by Manda Mellett – Review by M Policicchio

I nearly broke my phone listening to this one.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I was heartbroken.  I didn’t want to think it could truly happen.  Rock betraying the Devils.  SMH.  


Rock is growing uneasy in the stable lifestyle of the new Satan’s Devils.  Being a 1%-er MC used to mean something, now it means old ladies, a clean clubhouse, rules and kids.  KIDS!!!  What happened to danger and excitement?  So when the chance to do something different, thrilling, back to what it used to be came up Rock took it.  He didn’t know it would lead to new beginnings.


Becca has led a sheltered life.  Her parents controlled her every move, from homeschooling, to not letting her talk to the girl next door, to picking her wardrobe, to picking her husband.  Becca turned 18 and gained a husband twice her age.  The controlling continued until he got sent to jail.  He wasn’t going to let her go.  He arranged special accommodations for Becca.  


When Rock joined the Chaoa Riders, his new task was caring for the chore in the cellar.  That chore was feeding the woman chained to the wall, Becca.  Rock couldn’t explain it.  He was drawn to this woman.  Was it her strength, her vulnerability?  Rock knew she wouldn’t survive if she didn’t get out of the cellar.  


This is another amazing installment of this series.  I have not found a bad one out of the bunch.   I love these bikers and their old ladies.  I got emotionally invested in this one when what Rock did came out and he ran.  I love these characters.  I love this series.  I am 100% a Satan’s Devil for life.  If I haven’t already said it, Rock’s story is fabulous, ah-maze-zing, fantastic, phenomenal!!!!

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