Master Catteneo: Dark Vampire Romance (Masters of the Consulate) by Sylvia Black – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Master CatteneoMaster Catteneo by Sylvia Black
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Master Catteneo is a Vampire master and has been put in charge of an extremely important hunt, the hunt for Overmaster Descallia’s mate, she has been taken and the trail runs cold in his area of the world, so he goes to see someone who can help find her from this end, however, the help he receives is not from the person he expects. Alessia is a young woman who is very protective of her family and so because of this, she inserts herself into the world of the vampires to give the help they seek to find a missing woman and even though she is scared, she feels that this is the right thing to do and that nobody, especially a handsome vampire will stop her from doing it.

This is a race against time as the Overmaster becomes more frantic and enraged by the minute, so when a beautiful and sassy psychic is sent to help him, Master Catteneo is frustrated when the visions don’t give him what he needs to succeed in his mission, instead, he is left more bewildered than ever, all the while trying to keep his mind away from her temptations.

As time moves on a nothing is happening, the mood in the team is thick with anger, frustration and Alessia’s past comes to the fore when she seeks help from another party, much to the disappointment and annoyance of the vampire lord as it is one of the groups with whom the vampires have a very tenuous balance. However, the attraction Alessia and Master Catteneo feel cannot be denied and when things take a turn for the worse, bargains have to be made and allegiances have to be tested in order for the search to be successful, including this new found bond, but can they survive the challenges and traps set for them, or will this bond be ripped apart before its strength can be fully tested?

This is another paranormal romance with danger at ever turn where nothing is as it seems and the tangled web of intrigue keeps you immersed in this dark world of the supernatural where loyalties are tested, reputations are gained and lost, as well as secrets, truths and lies becoming both more and less clear as you follow along in this race against time to save fated mates and uncover the tracks leading to them.

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