Delicious Death (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries Book 2) by Byrd Nash- Review by- Stephanie Driskill

Delicious Death (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries #2)Delicious Death by Byrd Nash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Madame Chalamet is such a fantastic character! And her friend, the coroner in charge of the city morgue, Dr. Charlotte LaRue, is my favorite and so atypical of a female in the setting of this story! Back to Chalamet though. Chalamet is a trained medium who can see and speak to ghosts. She lives in a beautiful hotel and often helps Chef Pedersen with his dead boyfriend that creates quite the uproar in the kitchen. She was invited to the Winter Revels in Vouvant to be a guest during the food competition and tries to enjoy her vacation unfortunately it turns into work for her. The king has been poisoned and it’s up to her and the Duke to find the accused culprit while trying to rid a quest of the dead husband who cannot seem to leave the plane of the living. So much is going on and so much more happens in this great masterpiece of storytelling and mystery! No spoilers here so you must read the book!
I am such a huge fan of Madame Chalamet from just this one book! The writing is elegant and flows off the page! Easy to read and to find one’s self engaged with all the quirky characters. The storyline is well written and is so easy to just get lost in the times and events of the story. Definitely a must read as we follow along and solve the mystery behind the culprit who poisoned the king, how the dead husband storyline turns out and why did Chalamet bother to save a young woman from a lecherous man. Never a dull moment and one book you will be disappointed when it ends. I now have to read the other 5 books to follow along with Chalamet and her story!

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