Price of a Rose: a Beauty and Beast tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2) by Byrd Nash – Review by Kerry Carr

Price of a Rose: A Beauty & Beast Tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2)Price of a Rose: A Beauty & Beast Tale by Byrd Nash
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I really enjoyed this twist and remake of the story of Beauty and the Beast. I loved the characters and how it kept the story of the spell being broken by love.

On the edge of town in a house lives Sir Griffin Garrick. He is a man who likes his own company and the rumours are he is a horrible rude man. Some even call him a beast.

So when he wins a game with a local man his prize is to have his 3 daughters. How these 3 women would change his life he could never have seen happening.

Lily is the eldest and set to be married she takes the job of housekeeper to restore the beautiful home to its former glory.

Rose is the middle daughter and her love of flowers and gardens sees her tending to the garden. She hopes to bring it back to life and also to thaw the heart of the beast.

Poppy is the youngest and as a student of magic she is tasked to work out what or who caused the spell on Griffin and how they can remove it.

Little do all 3 sisters know that the answer is easier than they think and all it takes is love to break the curse. Love and the help of a red rose.

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