The Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow- Review by Emma Haverstock

The Demon InsideThe Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Demon Inside by M L Sparrow
4/5 Stars
The Demon Inside by M. L. Sparrow is a great science fiction novel that reads like 28 Days Later mixed with I Am Legend (the movie). This book is written in our main character, Darcy’s, point of view and brings more of a feminine perspective to the monster aftermath. Darcy and her boyfriend, Alec, are out celebrating her academic success when the world as they know it ends. Meteors fall from the sky and people start dying and it doesn’t take long to realize that somehow the meteors have turned some people into horrifying monsters. Darcy and Alec, along with a few other survivors, need to find a way to survive this new world and keep the monsters at bay.
At first I thought this was going to go heavy on the romantic theme and I’m glad it didn’t but I enjoyed the devotion of the main characters. Also as a survival enthusiast, I enjoyed reading about some of the challenges the group comes up against that I hadn’t considered before. It did take me a while to realize this book was written by someone from the UK and I had to look up some of the jargon that I couldn’t quite understand from the context. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was some of the pacing. There were sections that were very detailed about the group’s activities and then some parts that ended with the phrase “and blank did just that”. Other than that I enjoyed this book immensely and would absolutely read it again.

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Head Tripped by Nicole Archer – Review by Debi Kircher

Head-Tripped (Ad Agency #2)Head-Tripped by Nicole Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Head Tripped by Nicole Archer, Ad Agency book 2 of 2.

I would say this could be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the first of this series where you will first meet Effie, as well as some of the others in this book.

I only finished the first book of this series Road Tripped yesterday and fell in love with this author, after reading this one I already want to read them both again.

Effie Murphy, aka f-bomb, a violinist who moves to New York hoping for a brand new start. She’s broken, jobless, and flat broke. Trying to overcome a terrible childhood with an overbearing mother, a twin sister she resented, and a seriously troubled past. She just can not catch a break until one night she is forced to be deceptive and stand in for her twin at an awards ceremony, where she meets Elias.

Elias, aka El Love, is trying to overcome a troubled past and is also the frontman for Urban, one of the hottest rock bands in the world, a band whose concerts are getting stale and in desperate need of some new material. Pressured by his roommate to attend the ceremony he goes along hoping he doesn’t get recognized. He hates the spotlight, he just wants to be normal so is introduced to Effie as the deadbeat out of work musician roommate.

After an incident at the ceremony where Elias helps Effie out, they end up leaving the event where Effie’s antics leave Elias wondering what in the world he is doing with this girl, yet not being able to tear himself away from her. When they end up back at her place, where she makes it clear there will be no funny business between the two of them. The connection is formed at that point through music, he realizes just how talented she is and they end up writing songs together. Then their time together comes to an end. She is heartbroken. He is ok with her believing he is an unemployed nobody because he is leaving in a few days on tour, only problem is he can not quit thinking about her. When he comes up with a way to have her join their band he jumps all over it. Effie, still not having any clue who he really is, when offered the chance to meet him overseas and be a part of what she believes is his “garage band” it only takes a few seconds to go from let me think about it to ok I’ll do it.

How will Effie react when she finds out who he really is? Will she be able to find her place within this group of people so set in their ways? There is a list of rules each member has to follow, these rules set up by Elias way back when they formed the band. The number one rule forces them to hide their growing attraction and relationship, which brings on many hilarious adventures for these two. What happens though when their troubled pasts rear their ugly heads? Can they make it through it? Can the band make it through it? Most important can their hearts make it through it?

I loved loved loved this story. I didn’t find it as LOL funny as the first book but I did find it wrapped deeper in emotion than the first. I fell in love with Effie and Elias..their characters were written beautifully and their stories although tragic in some ways were very touching and written perfectly. I have found myself very protective over my favorite authors and have only added a handful that I will read anything they write no matter what and Nicole Archer has definitely been added to that list. This is only a 5 star read because they won’t let me give any more than that!

Review by @debikircher

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The Spark (The Carolina Connections #2) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Spark (The Carolina Connections #2)The Spark by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sylvie Stewart just has the knack for writing great romantic comedy. Book one was just the best and this one is just as good.

Fiona Pierce has loving and devoted parents but she feels obligated to do the right thing when they ask. She has great friends and she is fiercely loyal to her best friend Laney but she hides a secret from her past that she doesn’t want to share. Fiona has a huge heart and she will do anything she can for anyone she holds dear. Fiona loves the finer things in life especially the gods of clothes and shoes. Everyone just loves this quirky lovable woman except for one man. One man that finds her totally annoying who she just loves to push his buttons. She doesn’t do relationships but there is one man she loves to hate.

Mark Beckett loves women but never more than once that way there is absolutely no complications in his life. Between work, women and the gym he is happy with his lot in life, all except his past. A past that he would like to forget. A past that is now back to haunt him and his family and turn it on his head. Not only having to deal with his past he has to deal with a meddling do gooder that he loves to hate.

Can Mark and Fiona overcome their past and their fears and learn to put their trust in the one person that may understand them more than they know? Will love be found in the most unlikely places?

As with book one this book had me laughing out loud at the banter between all the characters, but especially between Mark and Fiona. I also love Fiona’s internal dialogue it is absolutely hilarious. The Spark is full of fun, intrigue, love, laughter and is 100 percent pure entertainment. I love the way Sylvie brings her characters to life and makes you feel you are a part of their lives. I highly recommend this book to one and all and can guarantee you will not be disappointed

Reviewed by @jennadb

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The Fix (The Carolina Connections #1) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Fix (The Carolina Connections #1)The Fix by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just WOW. I have to say that I have not enjoyed a book as much as this one in a long time. Sylvie Stewart has hit it with this perfectly blended quirky romantic comedy.

Laney Monroe is a twenty five year old single mum who is working in a job that she finds unfulfilling but it pays the bills and keeps a roof over her head. She has her best friend Fiona would do anything for her, who is always there for her and will never let her down. She shares her house with her five year old son Rocco who is just your typical little boy and her brother Gavin. After having a bad few years Gavin finally finds a job and Laney counts her blessing. After a family emergency Nate Murphy has returned home. Along with his sister it’s a no brainer they take the reins for their family business. But it may be a little more than they thought. When Nate faces off against one sassy and spunky Laney Monroe his life is forever changed. Family is everything.

Does Nate find something he wasn’t looking for? Will Gavin finally find his way? Will Laney and Rocco find a new beginning?

I was literally laughing until I was crying with this book. I was so wrapped up in the book that before I knew it it had ended. Laney is absolutely hilarious and had me laughing out loud at every turn. Her best friend Fiona is just as much a crack up as Laney but the two together are one hell of a team. The story is well paced and the characters are well developed, honest and very realistic that I could totally relate to. The Fix is funny and witty and will definitely leave you with a light heart and a smile on your face. If you are looking for a great story full of drama, romance, love and laughter then look no further. The story is so refreshing that I can not wait to read The Spark and I see what Sylvie comes up with next.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2) by Anna Brooks – Review by Jenni Bishop

Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2)Love, Me by Anna Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rayne Garner can not let go from the past and she made a promise she has vowed to keep which has stopped her from living a loving and fulfilling life for the last two years. However when she has a chance meeting with a man, it has her second guessing everything she thought she knew and wanted. Things Rayne has not felt in years and it is currently testing her love, loyalty and especially the vow she made and the promise that she made to keep that vow. Rayne doesn’t know how to let go of the past and be able to move on with the future.

Vaughn Morris has a love for tattooing and he is good at it. He has only ever wanted a normal life, whatever that is. He has now returned to his home town but along with it comes the most extremely painful reminders of his past and lost youth. A past that has caused scars so deep in his soul that he is unable to fully live that is until he meets Rayne. Vaughn doesn’t know how to love but he knows what he wants and that means Rayne, any how any way he can get her. The idea of relationships and love is one foreign concept.

Can Vaughn and Rayne just be friends? Can they get over their past to have a future? Will they fight for each other? Will honesty keep them apart? Will they find their happily ever after? Will Rayne realise what has held her back? Will Vaughn finally be free when the past is no longer a threat? Will those who love Rayne the best help her to get her life back on track or will they keep her in the past?

This story is well written and about how two people fall in love and learn that some people are just as necessary as the air they breathe. It pulls on your heart strings to see what these two young people have had to endure in their past but can over come for the one they love when they truly let go.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Suddenly Us by Marie Skye – Review by Jenni Bishop

Suddenly UsSuddenly Us by Marie Skye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gwen wants love in her life but it’s easier said than done. After years of giving love to the one, he took it and never gave it back, did he? All he did was hurt her in more ways than one. Gwen was never good enough for him or his family, he thought she was worthless and made her believe it. He degraded her because he could. But Gwen stayed because she thought it was love, wasn’t it? She did not know any different, she had been told it her entire life. She has been destroyed. She holds a secret she has never told anyone.

Hawkins was in the military forces but now he has a good job in security. He is good at his job and will do whatever it takes to keep others safe. But a failure from his past continues to torment him. If he closes his eyes he is haunted everyday by a horror he can not forget. He has sworn to one day make it right. He worries that it could happen to those he loves and cares about but he would die before that happens, he could not live with himself if it happened.

Will Gwen find love? Can she live with all that has happened in her life, or will it finally break her? Can she trust? Can Hawkins put his past behind him? Can he finally start to enjoy love? Will Hawkins throw it all away?

Gwen is such a strong, brave and beautiful person. You can not help feeling for her for all she has had to endure. All she has ever wanted is to be loved and I wanted to take her home and make it all better. Hawkins is the man, although he comes across a little too strong at times but he truly is a good man who loves hard and fast and is also one sexy man. He knows what he wants and goes after it. This is a great story. I recommend reading this captivating story. I definitely want to read more from this author.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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The Boy Friend by Mika Jolie – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Boy FriendThe Boy Friend by Mika Jolie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dean Morello and Coriander Phillips have been friends for twenty years. Friends ever since their very first meeting. A chance meeting in the school playground when she punched him after he pulled her hair. They are the best of friends and have been inseparable all this time. She is the Ying to his Yang. He his her boy friend. Not to be mistaken with boyfriend. She needs advice, no problem he is there. She needs a shoulder to cry on he’s her man. She needs a hug, no problem. She is one of the guys, she is fun, loving, loyal, a free spirit, heart of gold and smoking hot but they are just friends, a purely platonic relationship. Until it’s not.

Dean is having trouble with what he feels. Feelings he has never felt before. Feelings that are as strange as they are complicated and conflicting. He is now seeing one of his best friends is a different light. Dean finds himself thinking about more than a best friend should. He wants Coriander as more than the boy friend, he wants to be the boyfriend. He only has one problem he has to show her they can be more than friends.

As the book says “According to the law of attraction, women and men can’t be friends”.

Will Dean reconcile his feelings in time? Will Dean break her heart? Will Dean lose the best thing he never knew he wanted? Will he confess all before it is too late? Is Coriander willing to step over the proverbial line from best friends to lovers?

I really enjoyed this story. It was told by the male point of view in a very unique and clever way. I found myself constantly laughing at the things he said, thought and did, typical man stud. There were however a few moments when I wanted to slap him into gear. If you are looking for a little comedic romance then no need to look any further. Mika is a very clever story teller. This is definitely a hit, I can’t wait to read more of her work.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Sunset after the Storm by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Jenni Bishop

Sunset after the StormSunset after the Storm by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scottlyn Marks is definitely having the worst day from hell, it is one she will never be able to recover from. She finds herself at the one place in the world she loves, the beach, but today it doesn’t sooth her. She is trying to make sense of her life after being given the worst possible news ever. When she is approached by a stranger, little do either of them know that this one action would change their lives forever.

Mason Shaw stumbles across a beautiful woman who is sitting all alone on the beach. But why is she crying? For some reason he can not seem to walk away from her. After pouring her heart out to him she walks away but Mason can not let her go, never wants to let her go. After this simple meeting he falls hard for this one woman and wants her in his life forever.

Both finally finding their first love, they have finally begun to live but he soon finds out she only has months to live. Scotti struggles with loving him knowing that she is going to be leaving him. She struggles for the injustice that brought them together at this time in her life. Mason struggles with what will come after she is gone. He vows to take it one day at a time.

Can both Scotti and Mason make some sort of peace and come to terms with this horrible disease that will tear them apart? Will Mason be able to live without Scottie? Will Mason let her go? Is Mason prepared to say goodbye?

This is a beautiful, yet extremely emotional rollercoaster of a story. It is a story of two people who finally find one another, find first time love only to have it taken away too soon. Trust me when I say you are going to need a box of tissues just to get through this book. Michelle has woven a magical, beautiful story that is absolutely tragically heart wrenching. OMG Your heart and soul is with these characters with every step of their journey.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Road Tripped by Nicole Archer – Review by Debi Kircher

Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1)Road-Tripped by Nicole Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Road Tripped by Nicole Archer, Ad agency, Book 1 of a 2 book series.

There was more than a few times that I was reading along with my husband in the room where I tried with everything I had not to LOL while reading this book. I would end up snorting because some parts are just too much LOL. Nicole Archer has a way of describing things that make you laugh about a scene even after a few minutes go by.

This is a romantic comedy about 2 people Callie Murphy and Walker Rhodes.

Callie is a copy writer for her long time friends advertising firm. She landed there with literally just the clothes on her back, a severely bad attitude and horrendous potty mouth after he rescued her from the cause of all of this. She is completely disgusted by her coworkers and spends quite a bit of time creating a list of “murder methods for merrymaking coworkers” her boss/longtime friend inherited this ad agency and spends more time treating it like a playground then a real business. He threatens to fire her on a regular basis but she has too much on him and is in no way in fear of losing her job. The relationship between her and her boss is just one of the many reasons I love this book so much.

Walker Rhodes, the resident photographer/art director, or better known to Callie as the resident “manwhore” hates his job, is sick of women and has lost all his passion in his life long dream. An upcoming cross country tour for an RV client with his partner has him thinking this could be just what he needs to get him out of his rut, until his partner backs out and he is assigned a new partner, none other than “the ice queen” Callie Murphy.

Callie refuses this tour until her boss pours his heart out letting her know the actual stipulations to his inheriting the agency, and if they lose this client it would end them. After all he has done for Callie she can not refuse, besides the fact he was serious when he said he would fire her if she didn’t.

The 2 month adventure begins as they board the RV or as Callie refers to it as the “giant silver dildo” that will become their home for the next 2 months. How in the world these two that can’t stand the sight of each other are supposed to live in such close quarters while they tour the country…well….this is what makes Nicole Archer a genius in my mind. The adventures are awesome, the interaction by these two characters is simply LOL. The storyline is amazing, the hot scenes are seriously HOT, the secondary characters are awesome, the writing is fantastic and I’m running out of fabulous words to describe this book, and the best part??? There’s a second book!!! I can’t wait to dive into part 2 and everything else this author writes…5X a million stars for this book, read it, you will not be disappointed.

Review by @debikircher

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Boys of Fall by K.D. Wood – Review by Debi Kircher

Boys of FallBoys of Fall by K.D. Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Boys Of Fall by K.D. Wood is definitely a book for mature readers and is my first book by this author, but will not be my last. This is a story about 2 college students Jerry Mathews, local college football star and Autumn Landry, who had to grow up too fast since her mother left, taking care of her father and her brother. She is a good girl who never stayed out too late and never did the crazy things college kids do. Jerry and Autumn had known each other for years and had a crush on each other since junior high when Autumn let Jerry know that he was taking her to the dance. Through the years as they both dated other people they ended up in the friend zone. When Mr. Landry suffered a minor stroke Jerry was hired on to care for their yard. On one hot steamy day as he was mowing he accidentally catches Autumn pleasuring herself, totally unaware that it was because of him, *insert blistering hot scene here* 🙂

It was the night of the annual bonfire celebrating the big game the next day. Jerry had hoped that Autumn would be attending as he had finally made up his mind that he was going to tell her how he felt and hoped that she felt the same. At the bonfire Jerry had just about given up hope that Autumn was going to show up completely unaware that Autumn was watching him from the shadows. It was at this time Autumn witnesses someone messing with Jerry and knowing she had to do something because this could interfere with his ability to play in the big game tomorrow, Autumn rushes in to save him not realizing that her attempt will bring them out of the friend zone. But can she save him in time and will Jerry get his wish and find out that Autumn feels the same way about him, he wants to be her last, and wants her to be his last. Will his well planned evening turn out as he hopes?
I loved this novella. The writing style of this author is great and flows nicely. I read it in one sitting as it’s only 60 pages. She developed these characters into 2 people you find yourself pulling for throughout the whole story. Not to even mention that this is one HOT and STEAMY ride. I sincerely hope to read more about these two in the future. I will also be looking up any and all of this authors books. No doubt a 5 star read.

Review by @debikircher

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